Hello Again…

I know, I know, I’m really bad at this blogging thing..

..Yet for some reason I can’t bring myself to just not bother with it. So, an update on the last few months I guess. Continue reading


Does Television Reflect Society or Does Society Represent Television?

 The argument concerning whether art imitates life or if life imitates art is centuries old. Aristotle and Plato, two of the world’s greatest philosophers disagreed on something that, even today, still is not clear. Plato believed that art imitates life, and that all derived artwork is in some way a representation of life. While being a great fan of the arts, Plato felt that art had a power to cause a negative imbalance and to distort reality somewhat and thus needed to be censored. Aristotle, however, believed that life imitates art, and that art is a method of escapism, a way to express ourselves, and to create and imagine. He did not agree with censorship, and felt that it was okay for a person to act out natural emotions in a safe environment. This is of course only a minute portion of both of the philosopher’s life teachings, but creates a foundation for the basic argument. Naturally their lifetimes occurred before things such as modern art and television. Certainly in terms of modern art, where the natural form is not taken into account, life is imitating art somewhat, but what about in television? Does television realistically represent us as a society or do we model ourselves based on what we see in modern programming? Continue reading

Ambitious Resolutions..

Alright, so in a very desperate attempt to rescue my free time from the dark depths of Facebook, I have deactivated it. How people can waste so much time on a website that doesn’t even offer that many features is beyond me. I was so sick of it so I left it for awhile. It’s been two days.. let’s see how long it lasts. =/

Expect more random posts as I get used to an internet without social networking. Music, architecture, cooking etc.

I’ve also aimed to be healthier and not go out as much but those generally make an appearance every January..

Burial Vs. Massive Attack – A Match Made in Music Paradise.

So, this was a nice surprise. Here I am in a terrible mood due to the fact that my holidays end tomorrow, and I have to go back to shitty Ireland, when Mr.SuicideSheep presents me with a wonderful gift. Two of my absolute favourite producers, Burial & Massive Attack, have collaborated and come up with this musical caviar… and it’s going to be huge judging by the fact that when I listened to it a mere three hours ago it had just 331 views and it now has 7,681. Now if only I had the £25 to buy the limited edition vinyl, and a turntable. Hm.

You can listen to the track after the break. 🙂 Continue reading


If chilled out tunes are your forte then you may just be interested in this.

What is chillstep? A genre for the fans of the wobbly bass that dubstep brings, but not too fond of the slap in the face it brings along with it. Chillstep.info is an internet radio station that provides 24/7 chillsteppy goodness.

As well as providing an around the clock radio station for our aural pleasure, they promote artists on their youtube channel, to their already quite large online audience.

If you would like to delve into the loveliness that is this genre, the official Facebook page can be found here.

Party Against the Pipe

This weekend sees the Party Against the Pipe festival take place, which honours ten years of resistance to the Shell Corrib gas pipeline. If you haven’t seen the documentary, The Pipe, I highly suggest you check it out. It highlights exactly how badly the community of Rossport have been treated over the last ten years and shows exactly how corrupt our government is.

For more on the festival you can visit; http://partyagainstthepipe.wordpress.com/getting-to-the-party/

It’s gonna be an awesome weekend with plenty of great music such as, Intinn and plenty of DJ’s playing Drum N’Bass, Reggae etc. Come and show your support and maybe we can help stop the injustice that has been happening here for a decade.


Been spending far too much time doing unproductive crap online. So change is a comin’ despite contrary popular belief the internet can indeed be used as a productive tool. For one, I discovered Tumblr. Which coincidentally I also haven’t used in ages. Hm, not so good at this internet thing. Never mind that, tomorrow a real idea as to the direction of this blog shall follow.
Much love lads and ladies. Assuming there are one or two of you still left after my riddiculous absences.