Hello Again…

I know, I know, I’m really bad at this blogging thing..

..Yet for some reason I can’t bring myself to just not bother with it. So, an update on the last few months I guess.

I’m a college almost-graduate. What. The. Fuck. It literally only feels like a few months ago when I was writing my first entry on here and debating about which college to go to. Time really does fly and I now officially have the fear. It’s time for new decisions, and these ones don’t just dictate where I’ll spend the next three years of my life.. Can I just hide please?
The last few months have been pretty much a blur. Lots of great music, new friends and far too many parties, and of course, Boom Festival. More about that in a minute. It wasn’t without its drama but of course, c’est la vie. At present, i’m residing in Dublin stuck in the typical post-college-move-back-home-with-the-parents phase.

I’m eager to move on from this country, I’ve had enough now, especially after my ramble around Spain and Portugal for Boom Festival 2012, which was heavenly. Eight days of sunshine, lovely people, and great music will do that to you, I guess.

I can’t even describe how magical the entire experience was. It definitely opened up my eyes though. I only wish there was a way to live like that all the time at the moment. I fear that once I’ve saved up enough money from my current job that I’m just going to have to begin the mission of chasing summer and festivals all year-long. Seems like a legit plan, let’s just not tell my mother about this one! 😀

What else, what else.. hm, if you appreciate your music I have done a few mixes of late. Well, two, and only one is online, so not that impressive, but if you have a spare hour free, and fancy a bitta’ techno and zee house musics then here you are, my friend.


I chose the name, ‘The Techno Pilgrimage’ as I was having a reminiscent moment about my visit to Berlin last year, and also a friend of mine suggested a trip back there in October to visit Berghain, so it would indeed be a techno pilgrimage of sorts. Anyway, that’s all I have to say for now. I won’t make any promises about posting again soon because that just means I probably won’t. It’s best to leave these things vague, less disappointment. 😉

Adieu. Inouveau. x


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