Sheer Desperation…

So for the last week i’ve been pretty desperate to get my hands on an Electric Picnic ticket. I think i’ve entered at least 5 competitions and probably begged as well. One of the competitions requested that I write a gig review but sadly I was too late to enter, so I thought I would […]

New Flash Website Online.

So after being tempted by facebook advertising I decided to build an online flash portfolio using I’m convincing myself it’s different to wordpress by means that it doesn’t have a blog feature that I know of. MMMKAY. Here it is incase you’d like to have a peruse…. Inouveau Online Portfolio Much love, xx

I would rather fight with you, than make love to anyone else.

I should really pay more attention to this. The fact that people are apparently still reading this despite the fact that I have been missing is sign enough. I don’t know what my excuse is really.. I’m doing nothing really except sleeping for a ridiculous amount of my days, and occasionally going out socializing, etc. […]