New Flash Website Online.

So after being tempted by facebook advertising I decided to build an online flash portfolio using I’m convincing myself it’s different to wordpress by means that it doesn’t have a blog feature that I know of. MMMKAY. Here it is incase you’d like to have a peruse…. Inouveau Online Portfolio Much love, xx

Project 365.

Not exactly sure where this idea started out. Could’ve been the Muse board or elsewhere. The idea is to take one picture everyday for a year. The picture should sum up your day or relate to it in some way.


I’m very sorry guys, I didn’t realise that it would infact be 19 days before I blogged again. School has sucked up all my freetime, as has social networking. (curse you.) So over the last fortnight and a bit I have been doing a lot of art, as my portfolio is due on the 31st, […]


Not much to speak of today. Took a fair few photos mind. Got some portfolio done too! 🙂 Tomorrow I am going to Bull Island bridge to take pictures for the storyboard of my short film, ‘Stress’. I am uber excited as I’ve been dying to photograph Bull Island for ages but haven’t had the […]