I would rather fight with you, than make love to anyone else.

I should really pay more attention to this. The fact that people are apparently still reading this despite the fact that I have been missing is sign enough. I don’t know what my excuse is really.. I’m doing nothing really except sleeping for a ridiculous amount of my days, and occasionally going out socializing, etc. Hm, maybe it’s that I feel I have nothing interesting to say. Irregardless, I promise to make a better effort at maintaining this.

Came across this last night after re-watching 6 episodes of Sex and the City. It’s a bit like Friends in that way. Pity the films aren’t as good. Anyway, this song featured in the last ever episode during the montage of each of the main characters. YouTubed it and found that someone had made a truly beautiful time lapse to accompany the music. I will see the northern lights one day…

Much love, xx.


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