Wonderland is a 2minute film shot on 16mm, which was drafted from my weird head and fine tuned/ directed by Eoghan McEntee.

The story goes something like this… Our main character is sitting under a tree, reading ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (As you do.) when suddenly cards begin to fall into the book he is reading. When our main character looks up he sees the Queen of Hearts standing there looking….menacing..and stuff. So he tries to run away and a cat and mouse chase persists. Which is really very short because it was cold and wet and we didn’t have much film left. The film ends with the Queen knocking the boy unconcious. The real ending was supposed to be the boy back underneath the tree, waking up and looking horrified at the spliff rolled in his hand but Jake fucked it up (:D) so we had to cut that.

The camera work was done by Paul and production design was by Aonghus, I did the whole editing on the Steenbeck later, but on the day I snapped some photos, wrote down a few random numbers and partook make-up, hair, props, costume, etc. I don’t actually have the film to show but maybe someday we’ll be arsed enough to get it transferred onto Mini-DV. Until then here’s a video that was shot by me and a few others on the crew that documents some of the shoot. Edited by Eoghan ‘Superstar’ McEntee (because he’s the definition of efficient.)


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