Oh My Gad.

Haha, wow, I really took the piss there, didn’t I? I’m sorry, I’m sure you’ve all given up waiting for me to come back in those long cold 6 months I was gone. I doubt it, although suprisingly my blog is still getting attention from random strangers who google ‘Bipolar Empire’ I’m sure. 😀

Anyway I suppose I better update you. I got my Leaving Cert Results, did shite, but this was to be expected. Quit that horrible job, and now here I am in….Galway! Which I have to say, turned out to be a fairly awesome decision.

Film and TV is good.. Lotsa things going on, kind of. I’m gonna post some stuff about our 16mm film ‘Wonderland’ in another entry.

My sleeping pattern is still fucked as it is 4.09 am and I am awake, typing, which is riddiculous. Hm. I’m gonna leave it at that for now, as I’ll probably just start writing weird shit again if I continue writing anymore.


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