Lack of anything better to write about.

You have no idea how hard it is to find the energy to write and maintain a blog when you’re wasting your summer working in a shit job. Well maybe you do, who am I to tell you. Hm, I’ve opened on a rather negative note. Suppose I should just inform the planet of what I’ve been up to, although I’m still convinced no one reads this unless I link them first.

Just back from Oxegen festival. Friday night was amazing, however when I arrived at my tent at 6 a.m. on Saturday morning to sleep I found it slashed. I was sleeping in it on my own and thus was far too afraid to actually sleep, so managed to stay awake for 42 hours instead. Longest I’ve gone without sleep in quite awhile. Thanks to the kind person who got slash happy, ya pretty much ruined my weekend! Bands I managed to see were, Pendulum, Blur, Crookers, Some Elbow, Digitalism, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Crystal Castles, The Mars Volta. Disapointed that I spent so much money on a ticket and only saw so few bands.

In two weeks I am off to Knockan Stock, apparently people are mellow there so no tent burning/slashing etc. Hopefully! I’ll write a better entry soon I promise, when I’m not sleep deprived!


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