Noise Control.

Noise Control – Addiction E.P. Feature.

Well, what can I say about Noise Control? The Dublin band consists of Kevin Whyms (guitar), Declan Herbert (drums), El Byrne (bass), Bobby McMahon (guitar) and Mark-Kid (vocals).

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to stumble upon the song ‘Our Life’ whilst watching a photography students you-tube video. The song fused rock and electro and had a very raw, I would say Prodigy but not quite, inspired sound. I didn’t recognise it, and so had to google the lyrics. It was then, that I came across the bands Myspace. You can only imagine my surprise when I discovered that they were Irish. Why hadn’t I heard of them before? (Normally I’m good at this sort of thing!) Especially since they’ve already supported acts such as, The Prodigy, Underworld, Basement Jaxx, and Asian Dub Foundation.

Upon my discovery I began hearing the name Noise Control everywhere. Typical aye? They recently appeared in RTÉs ‘The Raw Sessions’ where sadly their song ‘TV Screen’ failed to go on to the next round allowing The Infomatics to move forward. Shame on you all. However I doubt they were too bothered, as the following week they went on to support the Prodigy, yet again.

Currently in the process of working on their debut album due for release early next year, the band released their ‘Addiction E.P.’ on June 22nd as a sort of a taster. Well, that’s what I like to think. The E.P. features six songs, ‘Addiction’ , ‘Steel’ , ‘Solar Star’ and three grimy-ish, dubstep inspired remixes of the tracks, Solar Star and Addiction.

Overall the E.P. consists of catchy vocals from Mark-Kid, (who has a very ‘appealing’ accent if I do say so myself! Har Har.) and heavy, bassy riffs, with electronic beats thrown in for good measure. I’ll be honest, I love them. Mainly because I’ve been seeing a very similar style of music on the Dublin scene for awhile now, (For the most part, there are some obvious exceptions!) and Noise Control, are different, and one of the only decent electronic/rock inspired acts I’ve heard of hailing from the ‘Emerald Isle’… (I cannot believe I just used that phrase. Shame on me.)

The lads will be appearing at Phantoms First Friday, July 3rd in the Academy, with a special guest D.J. set afterwards, and at Castle Palooza on August 2nd.

I’m going to go right ahead and give it an 8/10. Docking marks only because I don’t feel I’m qualified enough to give it a 10. That and the remixes may not be every ones cup of tea, or coffee.


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