The Same.

I’ve started working for my Dad at an Industrial Estate near where I live. In a way, working where I do is an awful lot like school. Not in the educational sense, but in the routine sense. Everyday on my way to work I pass through the same Dart station where the same man is working each day. I pass factories beside the one in which I work, where there is a man who every morning at 7.54 am. is, without fail, standing outside having a cigarette.When I go for my lunch at the deli the same woman behind the counter knows what I want. (Just like in school where I had peanut butter sandwiches everyday for 8 years.) When I go home in the afternoons, same security guard is giving me a filthy as I cut through another companies property in order to get to the station. The same people are waiting for the same train as me, and as they look at you, no doubt recognising you, as you have them. You just know they’re thinking the same thing.

Get me out of here.

Yep. Life is very samey isn’t it?

A thought, by Amy.


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