Apologies for the lack of blog. I have been head deep in exam mode, i.e. panicking about them, yet not actually being panicked enough to open a book.

I thought I needed to take a breath from them for a couple of minutes to inform you of the most amazing music I have come across in quite awhile. Now, I must warn you, if chilled/trippy/ambient/Boards Of Canada-esque music ain’t your thing, turn away now.

I discovered Pogo via a YouTube Link a friend posted on Facebook. So I clicked, and to my suprise I was greeted with this; The music video for my song ‘Alice’, an electronic piece of which 90% is composed using sounds recorded from the Disney film ‘Alice In Wonderland’.’

Inserted at the end of the blog, purely so my format stays as classy as San Diego.

I wasn’t sure if at first I felt weirded out or strangely relaxed. But as I listened further I decided that I loved it. I also then went on a rampage of reading into the hidden meanings of Alice In Wonderland, which I found particularly amusing, and may post my discovery in the next blog.

So I investigated further into this ‘Pogo’ character, and was amazed to discover that this genius is unsigned, with about four albums worth of material availible to download via RapidShare links posted on his MySpace. I think this guy deserves to be heard, as since my discovery, I have been listening to him on iTunes non-stop, aswel as humming ‘Alice’ all the way through my French exam this afternoon. Please give him a listen, it’s free sure.

You can find him on MySpace here; Pogo.


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