Some Updates.

Alert: As Much as I hate Bebo, it’s probably the most accessible site for promoting myself. That and I have about 400 friends on there..So here is the link,
Inouveau Photography

If you have a bebo and like my stuff please do join. If you require the services of a photographer then just message or comment me.

Anyway, on to more pressing issues…

  • I recived my portfolio score for The Bachelor of Arts in Film & Television Production. I got 540/600 points. It’s going to be merged with my Leaving Cert score (Which means I need 180, heh.) So i’m fairly confident that I’ll be offered a place but, you never can tell with these things. Half considering staying in Dublin…if you know me, that’ll come as a shock as I am 100% anti-Dublin. (but lately, not so much..)
  • I’ve had my last day of classes yesterday and I am graduating this Friday. DELIGHTED. It’s been 6 agonising, long years, but finally, it’s time to leave.
  • The Leaving Cert begins in 29 days and I have yet to start studying..
  • June 11th, hello partytime.

Well, c’est tout pour la moment. I’m awfully sorry I haven’t been blogging regularly. Then again, i’m pretty sure roughly, only 3 people read this. (Hello..)

365 is still ongoing, but I’ve missed a few days (phail.) so technically it’s not really a 365 but hey.. I’m trying.




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