Bipolar Empire Single Release.

‘To the uninitiated, the brilliantly named Bipolar Empire are a hot young Tallaght three-piece who’ve been quietly (actually, maybe not so quietly) working on their debut album in LA with REM and Madonna producer, Pat McCarthy in recent months. The first cut certainly inspires confidence that they might live up to industry expectations. Sounding deceptively rough and ready, ‘Feel That You Own It’ is a shrilly sung rocker with a bubblegum chorus that’ll stick in your brain. Eventually you’ll feel that you have to own it.’ Hot Press, May 6th 2009.

Well I think today was one for the scrapbook. Bipolar Empire played an excellent set featuring songs from their unreleased album, finishing it all off with the fantastic ‘Feel That You Own It’. There were many people moving their heads, and some dancing too, in time to the music, myself included. As well as an impromtu photo shoot and autograph session afterwards. Heck, they even gave out keyrings, two of which I am now the proud owner of.

The number of people, rushing back and forth from the counter to the shelves purchasing each copy of the single separately so the boys would receive every last bit of credit that’s due to them, was brilliant. The single sold out in HMV yesterday, and also went straight to No.1, in the download charts. Now it’s your job to ensure that they stay there.

You can get the single by texting “music 3076 to 57501” and then enter the code you recieve on Or you can go and buy a copy, or heck, buy both. C’mon guys, it’s brilliant, Bipolar Empire need your support. So give it to them. Ay?


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