Not much to speak of today. Took a fair few photos mind. Got some portfolio done too! 🙂 Tomorrow I am going to Bull Island bridge to take pictures for the storyboard of my short film, ‘Stress’. I am uber excited as I’ve been dying to photograph Bull Island for ages but haven’t had the time to go down.. boo. Then I am off to town to meet Clare for Coffee and to get some pictures printed. Since I’ve already written about what I’m going to do tomorrow I doubt I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow evening. I may have some Bull Island pictures up though so I will post a short one with my Flickr URL or where ever I’ve uploaded them to.

I still have no idea if anyone has actually been reading my blog apart from the two people who have told me so. Comment if you like. I don’t mind. Apart from that I don’t think I have much more to speak of.  So i’m off to have some more tea and maybe watch skins again. Anyone else love the fact that they’re together now? Goodbye my kittens.


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