Late Night Rollin’

Is me.Not exactly sure why I am up so late. Bobbles was supposed to find out for me but he hasn’t. So I figured i’d blog, again, because once I set up new blogs I get very fond of them and then bored after about three days. Although this is the shiniest notebook so far, so I can’t see myself getting bored of this one so quickly.

Anyway, this weekend is almost upon us, praise tha jebus. What are your plans? I have mucho art to do for my portfolio. I find it funny how determined I was last Sunday evening to do art every evening this week, did I? Ha. So let’s see, I’m not a total failure, this week I have managed to be slightly productive..

  • I set up this baby. Believe me, I spent ages faffing about with layout so APPRECIATE.
  • I applied for a plc in film and television production in GTI, which means even if I don’t get the points to get into college i’ll still be in the city I love doing the subject I want with the prospect of college next year. 🙂
  • Which means, i’ve decided i’m not going to London this year, but I will go once i’ve done my three years in Galway.
  • I will then be over-qualified.
  • YAY
  • I’m really embracing the bullet point love in this post aren’t I?
  • Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation.
  • I made a list of all the things I have for, need to do for and ideas for my portfolio. Which has put things in perspective for me, I feel confident that this weekend i’ll finally get cracking and I should have everything I want done by the deadline.

Which leads me onto my next question… Will they be mad at me if I put more than they ask for into it? I hope not because I have way more than 5-6 pieces to show. I’m so cheeky aren’t I? Lovable though. I’m feeling very happy at the moment, despite a chest infection. A little sad though at the prospect of not living close to all my friends in the U.K. Oh I found this image today courtesy of some nutjob I know, found it rather odd actually.. what do you make of it?

Yet again, i’ve amazed myself. It is 2.33 a.m and I have written an essay. If only my english teacher could get this much out of me. Anyway i’m off to chat vís a vís MSN some more and spend some ca$h on tahitian call girls.

Ariverderci mes chattons, OH NAUGHTY AMY! YOU FORGOT TO SPELL CHECK.

Amy x


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