Roisins doodle.Hmm, not much to talk about today, although to be fair I did write a whopping great entry at 2.31 this morning. I belive that excuses me somewhat. Today has been incredibly boring. I got some mock exam results back, joy. Doodled quite a bit, and was rather giddy with Roisin in Art again today. That girl has some natural high about her. It’s fantastic. You know the kind of laughing where you’re actually crying? Yeah, every time. 

My desire for summer has grown, I’m now considering going to Reading Festival with the Musers in August. Which would be epic fun indeed. Oh my, i’m sorry, the boredom is currently enveloping me. I should just end this blog now before I put you all to sleep.

I think i’ll have some tea. Goodnight moon..



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