Hello people of the planet internet. I come in peace to you, with cookies.

So I’ve gotten a shiny new word processor for my MacBook, and I feel like writing about something. Is that so wrong of me I ask you? No, I think you’ll find that it is not. Unless of course, you’re an over-opinionated old fart.
Anyway, I’ve just set up a ‘Word Press’ account. Hence it being so bare. So far I’m dead impressed with the customization features. I will be upgrading my account as soon as I come into some finance. Which may be awhile as my next monies are going towards my tattoo.

Recently I have been doing not a lot really. As I have been studying for Mes Examens . My portfolio is due in April so I’ll probably be even more stressed in the next month or so. Do I really come across that stressed? I didn’t even realize. But people have commented on it. Wow, look this little word processor is correcting things as I type. This is so cool. I should really learn to stop rambling as I find people tend to lose interest in me quite quickly. So I apologize in advance for my misdeeds and awkward snakes and ladders.

So now for something that has been of much concern to me lately. University: Galway or London? For the past year I have had my heart set on studying Film and Television in Galway, Ireland. Everything was perfect as choosing this course captured my interest, got me away from home, dropped me off in a city that I adore and left me among all of my closest friends bar two. Then last September I came across a course entitled ‘Cinematics’ which deals specifically in cinematography, art on screen, animation, and etcetera. Sounds perfect, right? Well, it would involve a loan of £12’500 at least, moving to London, and supporting myself on a very small pittance whilst there. None of these things bother me particularly, the only thing that bothers me is leaving my friends and the course and the city and the life that I’ve loved and ‘dreamt’ about for the last year. While London would be amazing experience and I do have some great friends there that I would like to become closer to. I have absolutely no idea what to do. Both have their negativities, Galway: Only a diploma course, London: The university in question is £41 million in debt. And so, my heart is literally in pieces trying to decide what I should do. There is no doubt that the course in London is the one that targets my interests more directly but, as I’ve already said… Writing this all down has helped me in a way, I suppose. I’m still nowhere near deciding though. Oh boo hoo, what to do.

Well I’m going to wrap this up for the minute as it is 10.24 pm, I can’t skive off school tomorrow and I would like some tea. Good evening folks, I hope you’re having a nice one. Oh and apparently I look like Little Boots, or rather ‘Lil’ Boots looks like me.



Au Revoir mes copains. Yes I add in lots of French. Shoot me.


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